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 Peyronies Disease News

April 2006 Auxilium  makers of AA4500 (collagenase)

Here is, apparently, a recent PowerPoint from Auxilium  makers of AA4500 (collagenase), that answers some questions, sort of.  This drug is going through FDA trials as a means of remolding scar tissue in at least a few different conditions including Peyronies Disease

Once on this site, the AA4500 presentatin slides pretty far down the page.  Note the proposed timeline showing AA4500 being marketed in 2008-9.  Often investor presentations are overly optimistic.  Other interesting points: they claim verapamil is "ineffective" ,that surgery is the only "approved" treatment for Dupuytren's (not true) - and, that AA4500 has worked on Peyronie's. Their initial level II trials used 9 injections and they hope to reduce that number in their IIb trials.

May 22, 2006  BIOWIRE

Cook Features Surgisis ES: New Product for the Treatment of Penile Curvature; Surgisis ES Featured at Atlanta Meeting

Cook Urological today announced that it will highlight a new product, Surgisis(R) ES(TM), for the treatment of Peyronie's disease.

The surgical treatment to correct penile curvature utilizes Surgisis ES, a natural biomaterial that provides a graft that is strong, easy to handle, easy to use, biocompatible and supports the growth of new fully-vascularized host tissue in the penis. Results of research conducted by Dr. L Dean Knoll at the Center for Urological Treatment in Nashville Tennessee showed that penile curvature was surgically corrected with the Surgisis ES graft in 90 percent of the cases studied. Dr. Knoll's study also reported no incidence of penile shortening, pain, infection, hematoma, bulging at the graft site or evidence of a local immunogenic reaction. His study concludes that the ease of handling and surgically placing the Surgisis ES graft combined with no comorbidities from tissue harvesting techniques, coupled with no adverse reactions make Surgisis ES an anatomic and functional tunical substitute.

Surgisis ES is made from Cook Biotech's Small Intestinal Submucosa (SIS) technology, a breakthrough innovation for the reinforcement or repair of damaged tissue. SIS is made from the porcine small intestine and is processed to produce a three-dimensional extracellular matrix (ECM) consisting of collagen, non-collagenous proteins and biomolecules.

The SIS graft results in site-specific tissue remodeling, called "smart tissue remodeling," which takes place when the host and the graft become indistinguishable. While synthetic or cross-linked implants can encapsulate and form a barrier to the body's natural defenses, SIS grafts are rapidly infiltrated by the host cells, tissues and blood vessels, becoming accessible to the host immune system.


Cook Urological and Women's Health Gail McDaniel, 1-812-829-4891 ext. 7067 or Racepoint Group Dan Carter, 781-487-4602


Recent Updates to this website

The Peyronies Disease Society (formerly "Peyronies Disease Patient Discussion Forum") has reorganized as an organization geared toward greater understanding of this disease. This announcement is yet to be released in the Peyronie's Disease community, including our hundreds of members, pending further development of this site. 

Our goal is to support patients, make the general public aware of this disease with its impact on individuals and society, to act as liaison with researchers, to provide an patient resource for physician interaction, and for the mutual education of us all.

Our Society makes a public announcement of our new name and our new website.

We Added the page Weighing the Evidence.  This is directed at helping patients more accurately evaluate treatment claims and evaluate medical studies.  This page links off of all the treatment pages.

We added a site Map that shows the entire site layout and includes links to every page.

The survey on intra-lesional verapamil was opened to all website visitors (ILV).  Results will be posted on this website at a later time.

A basic Peyronies Disease Glossary was added and linked to from our "The Disease" page.  This will be expanded over time.

The first exclusive Women only Forum for women impacted by Peyronie's Disease went online on a private board off of our main Peyronie's Forum.  We also published a new web page giving an over view of the problems women often face from Peyronie's Disease and ways the new Women's Peyronies Forum attemps to help.

An excellent article on Intimacy and Sexuality was contributed by one of our members and published as a web page.  An expanded version with other member contributions will soon be available on the Peyronies Disease Society Forum.


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