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Peyronies Disease Society's WEB Surveys

At the PDS, part of out mission is to collect information and disseminate that information to the Peyronie's Disease Community.  We focus on information that may be educational to patients and medical personnel. We stive to give urologists access to the largest patient base available for surveys.  We make our survey process available to any urologist with a desire to tap into the experiences or attitudes of the the members, and we will work with urologists to construct surveys on any topic they find valuable.

Below are links to active on going surveys, as well as the compiled results of completed surveys.

We invite you to participate in the active surveys and to study the results of our completed surveys and to check back often for new surveys and results.

Active Surveys - Please Participate

These survey are currently open to participants. 

Member willingness to help the PDS mission by lending skills and effort

Patient assessment of topical Verapamil as a treatment for Peyronies Disease

Completed Surveys - View the Results

The following WEB surveys are closed for participation and the compiled results can now be seen by clicking on the link.

Patient assessment of the effectiveness of Verapamil injections

Upcoming Surveys - Please Check Back Soon



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