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Willingness to contribute skills and effort
to our Common Mission


The power behind accomplishing our worthwhile effort is the willingness of many to assist in the work.  We are always looking for those that are both able and willing to commit to helping in these efforts.

1. If there was a way for you to assist the Peyronie's Disease Society in some capacity, do you have a
    general interest in committing to giving such help?


How important is it to you that your true identity remains anonymous?  Check one

    Of utmost importance

Somewhat important.  I would not mind revealing my identity to doctors or officials with other sites or    
       organizations fighting in this cause, but I would not reveal my true identity on the forum or website.

I have no concerns about revealing my real identity

3.   What if any, skills or special knowledge do you have?  Check all that apply

       Medical Doctor
Pharmacist or chemist
Webmaster or forum administrator or other computer skills
Writing skills
No special skills but willing to help
Other   (please explain)


4.  How much time could you commit to investing? Pick one

  2 hours per month
       1 to 2 hours per week
       1/2 to 1 hour per day

5.  I could commit for  (select one)

     Short term assistance of 3 months or less
     Intermediate term assistance of 6 - 12 months
     I am available for long term assistance or positions of over 12 months

6   Please type your PDS member screen name


7. We have many ways you can help, with new needs and projects developing on a regular basis.  Do you have any specific areas or ideas that would interest you?

    Enter any comments below:


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